1)    Attend monthly MYA General Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month, or have an alternate attend.


2)  Program Directors are automatically members of the MYA Budget  Committee.


3)  Provide and deliver program approved monthly meeting minutes to the MYA   Executive Board Secretary.


4)  Provide and deliver current program board listings with names, addresses, phone  numbers, email addresses and board positions to the MYA Executive Secretary.


5)  Insure that the treasurer’s report is provided to the MYA Executive Board Treasurer by the 20th of each month.


6)  Insure that the MYA Executive Board Treasurer is provided w/completed Accrual Questionnaire and list of Incumbent Funds as of July 31st annually.


7)  Provide insurance certificate for both medical and liability prior to season tryouts to MYA Executive Board Members at Large.


8)  Inventory for Program dated as June 1st to MYA Members at Large by the 2nd week of June annually.


9)  All fundraising information goes to MYA Members at Large.


10)  Furnish MYA Assistant Secretary a complete list of participants prior to program’s season start.


11)  All registration information to MYA Executive Board Assistant Secretary.


12)  No fields or gyms are to be used until released by the Executive Board.


13)  Budget delivered to MYA Executive Board and Budget Committee on or prior to   June 8th annually via email.


14)  Coaches are required to recognize that conflicts exist and support the primary season.          


      Program Registrations and Recruiting Sponsorships dates, no sooner than:


Primary Season: 

Baseball:            spring            January 1st


Softball:            spring            January 1st


Lacrosse:            spring            January 1st


Soccer:            fall            April 1st


Football/Cheer:      fall            April 1st


Basketball:            winter            September 1st


Wrestling:            winter            September 1st




Baseball:            fall            August 1st


Softball:            fall            August 1st


Lacrosse:            winter            November 1st


Soccer:            spring            March 1st


Football/Cheer:      winter            November 1st


Basketball:               ---                   ---


Wrestling:               ---                   ---