Board of Directors — 2013

President - Paul Williams  -  40 Thornton Road -  930-7257

VP Babe Ruth  -  Steve Redfern   - 23 Woodridge Road  -  429-0749

VP Majors  Don DeBeradinis    -    2 Acacia Street       -      424-6510

VP Minors - John Blades    -    196 Indian Rock Road   -  429-4684

VP Lower Levels   Beth Crampton -   5 Klara Drive   -  423-1030

Secretary  Eric Pfeifer   -    22 Boulder Way     -  429-9499

Treasurer  Lori Ellis   -    4 Wallace Drive -        424-8965

Babe Ruth League Player Reps

Frank Saia    -   7 Drake Lane        -    424-1091
Neal Ivestor        -

Minor League Player Reps

Don Eckert– AAA    -    26 Springfield Circle    -  424-8051

Jason Golden-AAA      -     880-0711

Melanie Lesmerises - AA - 37 Lamson Drive      -          718-8386

Rookie / T-Ball League Player Reps

Mark Williams    -   16 Juniper Way   -     429-9775
Christine Rohr     -        424-5828

Equipment Mgr

Chuck Ellis       -     4 Wallace Road   -  424-8965

Umpire in Chief

Bob Shagoury    -    71 Island Drive     -     424-3836

Asst Umpire in Chief       

Brian Lawrence    -  54 Lawrence Road   -    424-7547

Umpire Coordinator         Open           

Senior Advisor   -    John Schneider     -  19 Dahl Road     -      889-7278

The Baseball Board meets on the first Thursday of every month, 7:30 PM at the MYA building. The public is always welcome.

Please visit:


Merrimack Youth Baseball Program

In 1968 a group of Merrimack parents, whose concern over a lack of organized sports in our community for our youth, decided to take action. Under the able leadership of this group, and in particular Mr. Gil Thorne, our Little League program was formed and granted a Charter from National Little League of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. From this modest yet significant beginning, our Merrimack Youth Association (MYA) was born.

Today our program has grown considerably and now provides baseball instruction and competition to a yearly average of more than 800 children and young adults. In an order to balance the desire of fundamental fairness, while working within the framework of league constraints, the following league entry rules have been formulated by MYB.  The league requirements, as set forth, apply to the typical child's age and grade within any given school year, as illustrated below:

T-Ball - Age 5 by April 30th (ages 5 & 6)

Rookie - Ages 7-8 (MYB recommends 2 years of play)

AA Minor League – Automatic entry as a 3rd grader

AAA Minor League – Must be in 4th grade to be eligible

70’ Major League - Ages 10-12 advanced talent

Babe Ruth – Ages 13-15

Senior Babe Ruth – Ages 16-18

Strong community support and acceptance; Financial support from local and area businesses, our community and town’s government leaders are the keys to MYB’s success.


Over 200 managers, coaches, scorekeepers

Over 50 adult and young adult umpires

Concession workers, field maintenance workers

Fund-raisers, team parents, misc. volunteers

Baseball Board of Directors and committees

The dedication and commitment of these hundreds of volunteers is the key reason for our continued success and growth.

In 1991 Merrimack’s Little League Board of Directors took on the task of creating a post-season tournament throughout our Little League district. This tournament provided an opportunity for our ballplayers to compete against our district neighbors.


This tournament was known as “The Jimmy Fund Tournament”. Its’ primary goal is to raise funds for Dana Farber’s Cancer Institute, Jimmy Fund program that has been supported by the Boston Red Sox and recognized for its excellence. Merrimack’s little leaguers have the honor of being the top fund-raising team in all of New England for 1992 and 1993.

In 1995 a second tournament, the Peter J Skeffington Tournament, was created in support of a scholarship fund for graduating Merrimack students. Mr. Skeffington was an avid supporter and contributor to our program. The tournament is held post-season and the team consists of the top 11 year old players from the regular season.

In 1999 the Board of Directors made a significant decision to absolve its’ charters with the National Little League and instead charter the program under the Cal Ripken League.

In 2003 the Board of Directors for Babe Ruth and Youth Baseball agreed to merge and form a single board. The combined board oversees baseball activities for children aged 5 to 18.

The Board continues to assess and strive to improve our current program to meet the needs of the youth of Merrimack. The continued success and growth of the program is possible only through the support and dedication of you, the parents and business leaders of Merrimack’s most important and cherished resource … our children.

Please visit:

Please feel free to call any member of our Board of Directors listed in this brochure. Hope to see you and your children at the ball field this spring.