April 11, 2019



President- Brian Harris

  • Meeting will come to order at 7:05 pm In Attendance from Executive Board- Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, Scott Locasto, Soccer, Meghan Powers, Softball, Heather Meehan, Wrestling, Aaron Goldstein, Baseball, Melanie Curren, Football, Jill Mitchell, Lacrosse and John Calabro, Basketball
  • Next meeting May 9, 2019
  • Vacant positions available on Executive Board- Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Member at Large.
  • The minutes from March have been approved.
  • The 50th celebration is May 18th. If you need tickets please reach out to Brian Harris to buy tickets
  • CSSI is donating 4 red sox tickets to each program to raise money for your program.
  • We appoint Melanie Curren to be the Chairperson
  • Brian Harris is in charge of all school requests (gym, maintenance anything that has to do with the school)

Treasurer’s Report -Holly Golden

  • Audit is all most finished up. Final push Wrestling stuff
  • All transactions for all programs need to be posted by 10th of every month.


Vice President- Rick Greenier

  • Field layout for Baseball – did we get it
  • Please register for Earth day clean up on the Parks and Rec
  • Trash cans at Twardosky and Kollsman
  • Maintenance request:
  • Baseball – AmTech field driveway needs to be graded
  • Football – Light for the closet down stairs. Water for concessions
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse – Girls fields at Bishop need to come back out to re line the fields
  • Soccer – need to be seeded and fertilized, needs paint at Kollsman and additional paint at Bishop
  • Softball need new keys for storage room, lockbox at Reeds 1, needs to be replaced, water at Reeds 1 needs to be turned on, third base side on Reeds 1 pricker bushes need to be trimmed back
  • Wrestling

Member at Large- Brian Harris

    • Rick Greenier- Nothing to report
    • Make sure your insurance is up to date
    • Please check out the Parks and Rec site, Easter Egg hunt is April 13th
    • Graduation at the High School in June 8th

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury – Absent

                        Nothing to report from Executive Board







Directors Report


Basketball- John Calabro - Absent




Soccer- Scott Locasto           

    • 625 kids registered and of that 190 travel kids
    • Season starts on April 27th
    • Need to figure out field space for 11v11 field
    • Field are lined as of today
    • We purchased new goals for Kollsman

Football /Cheer- Melanie Curren

      • Registration opens in April
  • By-Laws to be approved by the Board next week
  • Set a date to change bank over
  • There is pressure from other towns to include other towns in their program
  • Can we get water to the concession stand at Vets         


Wrestling- Heather Meehan

    • Tournament was canceled due to snow storm
    • We voted on the scholarship winner – The winner was a past MYA wrestler


Lacrosse- Jill Mitchell

    • We started a Dunkin Donuts fundraiser
    • Season is in full swing
    • Everyone is coming back on the board

Softball- Bob Powers

    • Opening day is April 27th
    • 99 players for rec and 23 for travel
    • We have new by laws and we will have elections for social media director
    • Working with High School Softball program and we are working together

Baseball-Aaron Goldstein

    • We are going to have an MYA day with the High School
    • We have 2 babe ruth teams
    • 298 kids. Closed registrations
    • 5 travel teams and a coordinator for the travel teams
    • 100 % back ground check is required every 2 years 

Old Business- Nothing to report

New Business- Nothing



Motion to adjourn at 8:57pm by Rick Greenier and second by Scott Locasto