March 14, 2019



President- Brian Harris

  • Meeting will come to order at 7:00 pm In Attendance from executive Board- Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, Scott Locasto, Soccer, Meghan Powers, Softball, Heather Meehan, Wrestling, Aaron Goldstein, Baseball, Melanie Curren, Football, Jill Mitchell, Lacrosse and John Calabro Basketball
  • Next meeting April 11, 2019
  • Vacant positions available on executive board- Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Member at Large.
  • Please make sure that all invoices and any mail goes to PO Box 153
  • The minutes from February have been approved.

Treasurer’s Report -Holly Golden

  • Audit is all most finished up. Final push, baseball statements, wrestling stuff
  • All transactions for all programs need to be posted by 10th of every month.


Vice President- Rick Greenier

  • Field layout for Baseball
  • Good with gym Time, John from Basketball has requested gym time on March 24th
  • Maintenance request:
  • Baseball no new requests – Need permit for field
  • Football – Light for the closet down stairs. Water for concessions
  • Basketball no new requests
  • Lacrosse no new requests
  • Soccer no new Requests
  • Softball no new request
  • Wrestling no new requests
  • Clean up field space on Earth Day. We as a program need to do something in town cleaning up

Member at Large- Brian Harris

    • Rick Greenier- Nothing to report
    • Make sure your insurance is up to date
    • Please check out the parks and rec site. A lot of great stuff going on

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury – Absent

                        Nothing to report from Executive Board





Directors Report


Basketball- John Calabro


  • Program is going well
  • Nothing to report


Soccer- Scott Locasto           

    • Registration is open
    • The travel schedule is set
    • Winter training ended this week. We will send a survey to get an idea on the experience
    • Top soccer program works with disabled kids. Scott was approached to help get the word out.
    • Reached out to Steve per Lori’s permission to line the fields. He is scheduled for April 8th

Football /Cheer- Melanie Curren

      • Registration opens in April
  • By-Laws to be approved by the board next week
  • Set a date to change bank over
  • There is pressure from other towns to include other towns in their program
  • Can we get water to the concession stand at Vets         


Wrestling- Heather Meehan

    • Tournament was canceled due to snow storm
    • We voted on the scholarship winner – The winner was a past MYA wrestler


Lacrosse- Jill Mitchell

    • 3 weeks into the season. We ended up with 160 kids. Boys grew girls are small
    • We have too many girls for each team
    • We have an intro to lacrosse April 28 – May 19th
    • Fundraising – custom apparel online store is opening soon
    • Duncan donuts books

Softball- Meghan Powers

    • Winter clinics have started 61 girls
    • Spring registration is ongoing
    • Tryouts will be play ball March 31st
    • We have a twitter and Instagram account and an open position
    • The equipment room has been taken over. Need a number 7 key made
    • New info on a in structural field cut out

Baseball-Aaron Goldstein

    • Registration is open but is down from last year
    • Completed winter training and it was a huge success

Old Business- Nothing to report

New Business- Nothing



Motion to adjourn at 8:57pm by Rick Greenier and second by Scott Locasto