February 7th 2019



President- Brian Harris

  • Meeting to order 7:03 pm In Attendance from executive Board- Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, Scott Locasto, Soccer, Bob Powers, Softball, Melissa Emond, Wrestling, Sylvie Laliberte, Baseball, Melanie Curren, Football, Tina Mendell, Lacrosse
  • Next meeting March 14, 2019
  • Minutes from October 11th are approved.
  • Vacant positions available on Executive Board- Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Member at Large.
  • Need to look into minimizing trophy case or look into expanding trophy case,
  • Look into new floors or strip and wax floors, fresh paint for walls and ceilings.
  • Please make sure we use the PO box for all mailings
  • Vandalizing at Reeds school at Basketball Practice. We are now changing the rules No child is to be left unattended at the school practices.  Can’t be dropped off until 2 coaches are present. Parents are to be with the siblings at all times. Either in the gym or in the Car.   An email will go out to all directors to be approved and then sent by Monday the 11th      
  • Send teams and practice schedules to the exec board

Treasurer’s Report -Holly Golden

  • Audit is all most finished up. Got a final list of punch list items
  • All transactions for all programs need to be posted by 10th of every month.
  • All other programs are up to date.

Vice President- Rick Greenier

  • Baseball needs to get a binder to the Exec board for fields – need by next meeting in February Spring indoor needs
  • New Basketball hoops for the MYA Parking Lot have been approved by the Town Council and will be installed by the Town in the spring.
  • There is a delay in the scoreboard from Basketball
  • Please make sure all equipment is put away and sheds are clean and organized for the winter.
  • Reviewing the Gym rules with new Directors. Please make sure all requests go through Brian and Rick. No one can go directly to Judy at the school.
  • Maintenance request:
    • Baseball sent a list a month ago Nothing new
    • Soccer- Portable light brought back to Town Barn from Reeds, Parking lot at Elbit need to discuss options,
    • Softball- is giving their closet space to Football in the next couple of weeks. Baseball needs to give softball the key to his closet he gave up
    • Lacrosse – Bishop lock was fixed partially – put a ramp for the shed so we can get stuff in and out of
    • Cardinals want the closet downstairs repaired
  • Spring Gym Time (Requests only)

Member at Large- Brian Harris

    • Rick Greenier- Nothing to report
    • Make sure your insurance is up to date
    • Parks and Recs has a survey out there so please go and fill it out to help us out

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury – Absent

                        Nothing to report from Executive Board


Directors Report

Basketball- John Calabro absent

Getting ready for the tournaments

    • Season off to a good start

Rec registration starts

Soccer- Scott Locasto           

    • Spring rec registration opens on the 20th
    • Update on the 11v11 field?
    • Can we reach out directly to get the fields lined?
    • The charity tournament will have to be outside of MYA. Give the family Matt’s name to organize
    • Will be using Kollsman in the spring
    • Can we look at the trophy cases and see what to do with their stuff

Football /Cheer- Melanie Curren

      • Registration opens March
  • By-Laws to be approved by the board next week
  • Set a date to change bank over
  • Can we get water to the concession stand at Vets         


Wrestling- Heather Meehan

    • Half way thru our season
    • Rescheduled the tournament March 24th
    • College scholarship for $500 – need to apply for it and then board votes


Lacrosse- Jill Mitchell

    • Registration Closes on January 31st
    • Certificate of insurance was submitted
    • Lacrosse needs a copy of their by-laws

Softball- Bob Powers

    • By – laws have been submitted and approved by the Exec board
    • Registration is ongoing.
    • Softball is taking Baseballs closet that they cleaned out
    • Wrestling is going to help out Softball with the use of Constant Contac
    • Flyers to be submitted to the schools to distribute
    • Ready to start the season

Baseball-Aaron Goldstein

    • New board is working well
    • Found a scoreboard at AmTech
    • Prep league for Legion ball is going to start this year
    • Booster club is coming to the next meeting to come up with ideas to work together. Christina Lyna
    • Working to get the season going. Excited to start

Old Business- Nothing to report

New Business- Nothing



Motion to adjourn at 9:40pm by Bob Powers and 2nd by Brian Harris