January 10TH 2019



President- Brian Harris

  • Meeting to order 7:05 pm In Attendance from Executive Board- Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, All program Directors with the exception of Basketball and Football.
  • Next meeting February 7th 2019- rescheduled
  • Minutes from October 11th will be reviewed in February.
  • Vacant positions available on Executive Board- Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Member at Large.
  • Need to look into minimizing trophy case or look into expanding trophy case,
  • Look into new floors or strip and wax floors, fresh paint for walls and ceilings.
  • All programs are doing a great job getting approved minutes to Karen keep up the good work.

Treasurer’s Report -Holly Golden

  • Audit is started and seems to be going good.
  • All transactions for all programs need to be posted by 10th of every month.
  • Cardinals- missing a couple items from August and October
  • All other programs are up to date.

Vice President- Rick Greenier

  • Baseball needs to get a binder to the Exec board for fields – Spring indoor needs
  • New Basketball hoops for the MYA Parking Lot have been approved by the Town Council and will be installed by the Town in the spring.
  • There is a delay in the scoreboard from Basketball
  • Please make sure all equipment is put away and sheds are clean and organized for the winter.
  • Reviewing the Gym rules with new Directors. Please make sure all requests go through Brian and Rick. No one can go directly to Judy at the school.
  • Maintenance request:
    • Baseball sent a list a month ago AmTech building and field is in bad shape. Scoreboards are not working. Evaluating needs and hoping to get things done in 2020.
    • Soccer- Portable light brought back to Town Barn from Reeds, Parking lot at Elbit need to discuss options,
    • Softball- Chalk liners for the fields need repairs.
    • Lacrosse – Bishop lock was fixed partially – put a ramp for the shed so we can get stuff in and out of
    • Cardinals, Wrestling, Basketball, Nothing at this time.
  • Spring Gym Time (Requests only)
    • Lacrosse – MES     Mar 18th Mon- Fri 5-9
    • Softball – Thornton Apr 8th 5-9 Mon - Fri
    • Baseball – Reeds Apr 1st Mon – Fri 5-9
    • Soccer – Take what’s left
    • Softball is running a clinic in March

Member at Large- Brian Harris

    • Rick Greenier- Nothing to report
    • Parks and Recs has some great programs to offer please check it out

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury – Absent

                        Nothing to report from Executive Board


Directors Report

Basketball- John Calabro     

    • Getting ready for the tournaments
    • Season off to a good start

Rec registration starts

Soccer- Scott Locasto           

    • Travel tryouts are January 21st.
    • Winter training is starting on the 14th. 122 kids which is up from last year
    • The need for a 11v11 field is eminent
    • Rec registration starts mid Feb. Need the sign to advertise
    • Will be using Kollsman in the spring
    • The travel league is increasing in March.
    • Ask Laurie to reach out to the person that lines the field so we can put a plan together for field lining schedule
    • Can we look at the trophy cases and see what to do with their stuff

Football /Cheer- Dan Tevepaugh

  • No attendance     


Wrestling- Heather Meehan

    • The use of the kitchen in the high school
    • Need internet connection for a computer at the tournament

Lacrosse- Jill Mitchell

    • Registration Closes on January 31st
    • Certificate of insurance will be submitted on January 16th
    • Lacrosse needs a copy of their by-laws

Softball- Bob Powers

    • By – laws have been submitted for approval - will be approved next meeting
    • Softball is taking Baseballs closet that they cleaned out
    • Wrestling is going to help out Softball with the use of Constant Contac
    • Flyers to be submitted to the schools to distribute
    • Ready to start the season

Baseball-Aaron Goldstein

    • Very excited for the season to start. Great new vibes
    • Prep league for Legion ball is going to start this year
    • Booster club is coming to the next meeting to come up with ideas to work together. Christina Lyna
    • Working to get the season going. Excited to start

Old Business- Nothing to report

New Business-Community Partnership Plan- Brandi Nunez



Motion to adjourn at 9:40pm by Bob Powers and 2nd by Scott Locasto