MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Brian Harris

Meeting called to order at 7:10

Approved Sept. meeting minutes-motion made by S. Locasto,  seconded by M. Lesmerises.

 Secretary and Asst. secretary, and Member-at-large positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to senior advisor, Karen H.

Reminder for programs to use mailing address P.O. box 153 for vendors.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

Reviewed financials.

Budgets for Executive Board, LAX and Baseball all approved unanimously 11-0.

Request all transactions posted by the 10th of each month.

Reviewed program transactions noting that Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, and Softball each missing several months.

 Reminded programs of year-end audit requirements, specifically noting Baseball and Lacrosse.

Vice President- Rick Greenier

Requested Baseball field layout packet.

Requested maintenance reports

Discussed idea of “Community Partnerships” on behalf of Soccer Coach Brandi Nunez. S. Locasto informed that Soccer program supporting Coach Nunez to the best of their ability.  General agreement to proceed with caution in regards to organization equitability.

Member at Large- Rick Greenier

P&R committee meeting update -nothing to report.

Review of program insurance certificates and inventories.

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury (absent)

No new updates



Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- registration open.
  • Basketball- registration open, new website. 
  • -new basketball goals for MYA building to be installed by DPW.
  • Lacrosse- new treasurer.
  • Girls Softball- fall season concludes 10/31/18, inquired about Elbit scheduling. 
  • -request Elbit field infield be turned/tilled.
  • Baseball-one storage closet will become available soon, elections in October.-request more clay on all mounds.
  • -requested motion-sensor lighting at Bise field concession building.
  • Soccer- Solar power pending on sheds, season concluding by 11/9/18, annual elections in Dec.-request storage for 3 portable light banks.
  • - request advice on winter goal storage.
  • -request improvements to Elbit driveways.
  • Football/Cheer- board elections in January 2019.-request off-season storage in MYA building.
  • -request Wasserman field improvements (grass quality).

Old Business-none

New Business-none


Motion made to adjourn at 9:10 by B. Powers, seconded by J. Mitchell.

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Heather Meehan, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, Jill Mitchell, John Calabro, Karen Halvatzes, Melanie Lesmerises, Holly Golden and Bob Powers.