President- Brian Harris

  • Meeting to order 7:03 pm In Attendance from Executive Board- Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, Karen Halvatzes, Holly Golden, All program Directors with the exception of Basketball.
  • Next meeting January 10th 2019- have a great Christmas
  • Minutes from October 11th will be approved January 10th with November minutes.
  • Vacant positions available on executive board- Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Member at Large .
  • Need to look into minimize trophy case or look into expanding trophy case,
  • Look into new floors or strip and wax floors, fresh paint for walls and ceilings.
  • All programs are doing a great job getting approved minutes to Karen keep up the good work.

Treasurer’s Report -Holly Golden

  • Audit is start and seems to be going good.
  • All transactions for all programs need to be posted by 10th of every month.
  • Cardinals- missing a couple items from August and October
  • All other programs are up to date.

Vice President- Rick Greenier

  • New Basketball hoops for the MYA Parking Lot have been approved by the Town Council and will be installed by the Town in the spring.
  • Please make sure all equipment is put away and sheds are clean and organized for the winter.
  • Still waiting for field layouts from baseball for all fields, this is used for the town every year so there are no questions and they know what we are looking for.
  • Maintenance request:
    • Baseball will send a list at a later date.
    • Cardinals- portable light back to Town Barn, Repairs to clock tower still needed, Grubs at Vets still an issue, Need light fixed in the closet of Football and Cheer.
    • Soccer- Portable light brought back to Town Barn from Reeds, Parking lot at Elbit need to discuss options,
    • Softball- looking for more closet space.
    • Wrestling, Basketball, Lacrosse- Nothing at this time.

Member at Large- Brian Harris

    • Rick Greenier- Nothing to report
    • Inventory- please make sure all inventories are up to date and all items have been added to inventory, Example portable lights- Soccer

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury – Absent

                        Nothing to report from Executive Board


Directors Report

Soccer- Scott Locasto           

    • 6 of 14 teams from Travel made it to playoffs.
    • Rec Season still going on due to wet weather, last date 11/10/18.
    • Elections for soccer board pushed back to December 9th, Soccer board agreed to wait till season was complete.
    • Purchase of portable lights for fields and placed at Reeds Ferry for the Rec program.
    • Scheduled training for next season at Nashua Sports Academy Cost for soccer program is around $12,000 keeping the cost down for kids that signup around $65 estimated 100 kids.
    • Soccer hoping to figure out there spring soccer schedule. More teams than there are fields available.

Footbal /Cheer- Dan Tevepaugh

    • 2 Teams from Cheer made it to the finals and have Potential to compete in Florida
    • Overall great season for football.
    • Cheer looking for more Gym time for practice.

Wrestling- Heather Meehan

    • Tonight 10/8 first practice
    • Tournament schedule at High School working out final details
    • Not much more to report

Lacrosse- Jill Mitchelle

    • Registraition open
    • Renting fields for the begging of the season, Reeds typically doesn’t open in time. West High and Derry Field $50 per hour.

Softball- Bob Powers

    • Softball has completed their season
    • U10 Travel team was runner up in Zombie Ball Tourney
    • Registration will open in January
    • Will share the sign by the road with Baseball starting January
    • Softball is looking for digital copy of minutes to post on their Web Site
    • Need more closet space

Baseball-Aaron Goldstein

    • Elections are complete, many positions have been filled with 3 existing people returning
    • Would like to advertise for tournament teams

Old Business- Nothing to report

New Business-Community Partnership Plan- Brandi Nunez

    • Merrimack Community Enrichment Program
      • Board agrees every program does this within their programs
      • Brandi is looking to try to make it a much larger group with all programs
      • Executive board likes the idea but needs someone to spearhead, Brandi will try to find volunteers


Motion to adjourn at 9:40pm by Bob Powers and 2nd by Dan Tevepaugh