MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Brian Harris

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Approved May meeting minutes-motion made by D. Tevepaugh, seconded by S. Locasto.

Discussion of MYA 50 anniversary & best way to celebrate it.

Secretary and Asst. secretary, and member-at-large positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to senior advisor, Karen H.

Reminder that budgets for 2019-2020 are due 8/15.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

Reviewed financials.

Discussed the possibility of hiring a new auditor.

Discussed protocol for use of debt cards including the need for two signatures.

Reviewed program transactions noting that Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, and Softball each missing several months.

 2019-2020 budgets due by 8/15/18 for review

Vice President- Rick Greenier

Asked for fall gym requests.

Discussed program maintenance needs including;

Soccer- request for irrigation to be turned on at Bishop.

                -noted parking issues at Elbit fields.

                -request grub control for fields.

LAX- requested repair of door lock on Bishop Field shed.

Baseball-requested general repair at Bise concession building.


Member at Large- Rick Greenier

P&R committee meeting update -nothing to report.

Review of program insurance certificates and inventories.

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury (absent)

No new updates


Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- will work with MMS & MHS wrestling programs, annual winter tournament scheduled for Feb 17, 2019
  • Basketball- elections June 17, scoreboards to be updated at MUES & MES.


  • Lacrosse-new Director Jill Mitchell!


  • Girls Softball- absent 
  • Baseball- spring season concluding, tournament teams beginning, chalk & paint needed at Bise field for Skeffington tournament. 
  • Soccer- all board positions filled, Fall registration begins July 1, has purchased solar light for sheds, has purchased new goals to comply with new NH regulations.
  • Football/Cheer- reports expected teams including four Cheerleading, four Football and one Flag Football. 


Old Business-none

New Business-none


Motion made to adjourn at 9:10 by D. Tevepaugh, seconded by R. Greenier

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Holly Golden, Brian Harris, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, Jill Mitchell, Tina Mendell, John Calabro, Karen Halvatzes, and Jess Griffin.