MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Brian Harris

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Approved April meeting minutes-motion made by R. Greenier, seconded by B. Gallagher.

Discussion of attendance at E.B. meetings

Secretary and Asst. secretary, and member-at-large positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to senior advisor, Karen H.

Treasurer- Holly Golden


Informed programs that debt cards will be discontinued in near future.

Request monthly backups from each program. (due to town 10/1/18

Recap of meeting with town controller Paul Micali

 2019-2020 budgets due by 8/15/18 for review

Vice President- Rick Greenier and Brian Harris sharing duties

Discussed program needs including;

Soccer- road grading at Elbit and fence at Twardosky.

LAX-check on bi-weekly mowing, garbage cans at Reeds and Bishops.

Baseball-needs paint, repaint replace decking, spray for bees at Bise, needs bleachers at Amtech.



Member at Large- Rick Greenier

P&R committee meeting update reports that Matt Casparius willing to help with maint. Of Bise building.

Requested insurance certificates and inventories.

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury (absent)

No new updates


Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- positions filled, preparing for upcoming season.


  • Basketball- elections in June.


  • Lacrosse-program currently on positive track.


  • Girls Softball- reported opening day May 12. 
  • Baseball- 365 players! In need of coaches, Skeffington Tournament scheduled for June 24-31. 
  • Soccer- travel tryouts June 11 & June 18, 14 teams registered for Amherst, NH tourney, Bylaw change approved unanimously, new trainer Tom Bellen hopes to build a new foundation for upcoming players.
  • Football/Cheer- Registration is open with positive enrollment so far. 


Old Business-none

New Business-motion by S. Locasto to approve appointment of R. Greenier as new Vice -President.


Motion made to adjourn at 8:52 by D. Tevepaugh, seconded by B. Gallagher

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Holly Golden, Brian Harris, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, Bailey Gallagher, Heather Meehan, John Doubleday.