MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Brian Harris

Meeting called to order at 7:10

No meeting minute approved (Feb. & March still pending)

  1. Gallagher appointed committee chair for May 10 election of E.B. vice-pres. & asst. secretary

Next MYA General Meeting & Elections will be May 10,2018.

Secretary and Asst. secretary, and member-at-large positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to senior advisor, Karen H.

Presentation by Justin Smith of Stadium Team Sports regarding future equipment purchases.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

Reviewed Audit and related changes recommended by town controller.

More discussion of unclosed Santander baseball acct. (baseball not present)

Will be contacting program treasurers for general accounting meeting sched. For 4/19.

Discussion of programs in need of posting transactions including Baseball and Lacrosse.

Vice President- Rick Greenier and Brian Harris sharing duties

Reviewed meeting with L. Barret of DPW.

Request diagrams of field layout for Baseball and Softball.

Request annual inventory of equipment.

Brian mentioned he would check with Tom regarding new locks.


Member at Large- Rick Greenier

P&R committee meeting update including O’Gara drive demo and Earth Day participation.

Requested insurance certificates and inventories.

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury (absent)

No new updates

Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- Absent


  • Youth Basketball- absent


  • Lacrosse- Apparel sales made approx. $3000.00, approx. 170 players registered for spring season. Season end June 9.


  • Girls Softball- Absent 
  • Baseball- Absent 
  • Soccer- approx. 670 spring participants (460 rec., 205 travel), season to begin 4/21 & conclude 6/15 and 6/24 respectively, still in need of Rec. Director.
  • Football/Cheer- early bird registration at 85!


Old Business-none

New Business-none


Motion made to adjourn at 9:07 by R. Greenier, seconded by H. Golden

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Holly Golden, Brian Harris, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, Bailey Gallagher, and Justin Smith.