MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes




President- Brian Harris


Meeting called to order at 7:02pm

Bob S makes motion to accept January minutes. Seconded by Gary Krupp

New town wide lock code “****”

Next MYA general meeting will be March 8, 2018.

Secretary and Assistant secretary positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to senior advisor, Karen H.


Treasurer- Holly Golden


Reviewed financial report

Santander bank can’t be closed because registrations are still being processed through.  Paperwork is being processed and should be closed by next month.

I will be contacting program treasurers for general accounting meeting.

Confirmed that 1099’s have been mailed on January 31, 2018


Vice President- Rick Greenier and Brian Harris sharing duties


Rick and Brian are filling this position. 

Baseball will have Reeds Ferry for practices, anything left over will go to cheer. 

Need the dates for Football clinic so we can schedule.  

Spring field layouts we got from Lacrosse and softball.  Need baseball and soccer

Need to organize the sheds so we can put an order in for initial set up for the fields.

The shed locks have been changed on Reeds Ferry, Bishop, and Bise.  It is up to the directors to change the rest so everything is the same code


Member at Large- Rick Greenier


P&R committee meeting update. No Jan meeting due to weather.

Insurance is up to date


Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury


No new updates

Director’s Reports


Wrestling- See attached notes - Absent


Youth Basketball- season is going well.  Fundraising event went well.  Pulled in about 10K this year.  Finish end of season games and finish out the season.  March 18th is the end of our Season. 


Lacrosse- Closed our registration but have some last minute registrations still coming in.  Numbers  88 boys and 78 girls.  Registrations are higher and equipment costs are lower.  Insurance binder is in.  Field and schedule is all set.


Girls Softball- Gym time will be delayed by a week due to illness. Registration started but will be slow until basketball is over.  


Baseball- Registration is open and will share street sign with softball. We are requesting use of the MYA building on Jan 15. Tryouts were Sunday, Jan 14. 


Soccer- We filled 2 positions, Training director, Tom Bellen and travel director, Tim Scully.  Stacey Streeter is the Member at large.  We had winter training with 130 kids, 57 U10 and under.  Spring registration will open this week.  Soccer is going to use the board for registration advertising.  There will be an estimate of 40 teams to play. We need to find field space and need to know soon.


Football/Cheer- member at large and volunteer coordinator open.  The cheer coordinator has partitioned to create a cheer program and could potentially hurt our cheer program.    


Old Business-none

New Business-none


Motion made to adjourn at 8:18 by Bob S. Seconded by Bailey Gallagher, Gary Krupp Scott L. Meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Bailey Gallagher, Holly Golden, Brian Harris, Bob Shagoury, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, John Calabro, Bob bowers