MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Brian Harris

Meeting called to order at 7pm

Bob S makes motion to accept November minutes. Seconded by Dan T.

New town wide lock code “****”

Next MYA general meeting will be Feb 8, 2018.

Secretary and Asst. Secretary positions are still open.

Request to send approved program meeting minutes to Senior Advisor, Karen H.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

Reviewed financial report

Requested permission to close Baseball account. Permission was granted.

Will be contacting Program Treasurers for general accounting meeting.

Confirmed that 1099 forms are entered and ready to go.

Vice President- Rick Greenier and Brian Harris sharing duties

Requested spring gym time from programs.

Lacrosse requests gym use to accommodate 9 teams, possibly MES.

Softball also needs gyms.

Brian mentioned he would check with Tom regarding new locks.


Member at Large- Rick Greenier

P&R committee meeting update. No Jan meeting due to weather.

Requested insurance certificate from Lacrosse, Softball, Basketball, and Baseball

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury

No new updates

Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- See attached notes


  • Youth Basketball- absent


  • Lacrosse- Uniforms ordered. Approx. 70% of registration is complete. Winter skills weekend training beginning Jan 20.


  • Girls Softball- Request MYA sign usage beginning Feb 1. Request spring gym time in March for 4 weeks. Notification of intentions to improve Reeds ferry field 5. Requests one night at Martell field for senior girls.
  • Baseball- Registration is open and will share street sign with Softball. Requests use of MYA building on Jan 15. Tryouts Sunday, Jan 14. 
  • Soccer- New Director, Scott Locasto. One travel team won state championship. Spring travel tryouts are complete. Requested shed keys. Questioned field availability for spring season. Spring rec registration will open mid Feb. Request MYA street sign for Feb 1 (will share sign with baseball and softball). Winter training is about to begin. Intends to purchase new goals due to rule changes. Director Locasto requested permission to coach a travel team which was unanimously approved by Executive Board.
  • Football/Cheer- Elections on Jan 28. Six positions open.


Old Business-none

New Business-none


Motion made to adjourn at 8:42 by TerryAnn B. Seconded by Scott L. Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

In Attendance: Dan Tevepaugh, Scott Ward, Holly Golden, Brian Harris, Bob Shagoury, Scott Locasto, Rick Greenier, TerryAnn Bowen