MYA Executive Board Meeting minutes

Thursday 10/12/2017


Call to order at 7:00pm

  1. President Tom Thornton: Tom reported on all agenda items. In addition:
  • Sept. Minutes approved, motion made by Bob S., seconded by Karen H., approved 6-0.
  • Informed attendees that the Adult Community Center will use parking lot for upcoming bus trips.

-new storage shed code has been changed and all Directors have been given the new code, contact an Executive Board member if necessary.

-expressed interest in updating/cleaning trophy cases.

  1. Treasurers Report Holly Golden: Holly reported on all agenda items, specifically:
  • Awaiting soccer deposits.
  • Waiting on Baseball program to close Santander account.
  • Needs Lacrosse to complete “Fraudulent Report” (Damien Gunther)
  • Reviewed audit process and is in need of information from both Baseball and Football.


  1. Vice President Brian Harris: Tom reported on agenda items. In addition:
  • Soccer requested a “No Parking” sign at their Reeds Ferry storage shed.
  • Softball requested some “long-term” field modifications at Elbit location.
  • Lacrosse notified board of need for additional spring laying space due to program growth.
  1. Member at Large and Parks and Rec Liaison Rick Greenier:
  • Football and soccer insurance certificates still pending.
  • Reviewed previous Parks and Recreation meeting (Sept. 20) including; Creation of P&R capital reserve fund for field needs!
  • O’Gara drive update- skatepark may move to Bishop Field perimeter on east side, Ice skating rink to Watson Park (seasonal).
  • Advisor Karen H. request copy of insurance certificates for records.
  1. Arbitrator and Officials Liaison Bob Shagoury: Nothing new to report.
  2. Directors report:
  • Soccer: Nov. elections, informed of “Junior Anduray” coaching suspension and notified of potential U15/16 travel tryouts.
  • Football: not present.
  • Wrestling: (Aaron McAloon) Reg. now open, parent info night 10/16, season begins Nov. 1.
  • Basketball: not present.
  • LAX: reg. increase from $195.00 to $220.00, beginning skill sessions Jan. 2018 at Bedford Sportsplex.
  • Softball: (Darrin Rolls) considering new/additional fundraisers, fall season compromised due to town of Amherst withdrawing.

No old business.

No new business.

In attendance: Tom Thornton, Karen Halvatzes, Holly Golden, Bob Shagoury, Aaron McAloon, Stephanie Ryan, Rick Greenier, Darren Rolls and Bailey Gallagher.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.