SEPTEMBER 14, 2017


Executive Board Members present: President, Tom Thornton; Senior Advisor, Karen Halvatzes; Arbitrator & Officials Liaison, Bob Shagoury and Vice President, Brian Harris


Absent: Treasurer, Holly Golden; Member at Large, Rick Greenier


Others present: Football/Cheer Director, Dan Tevepaugh; Wrestling Director, Gary Krupp;  Baseball Treasurer, Jess Griffin; Youth Basketball Director, John Calabro; Soccer Director, Stephanie Ryan


President, Tom Thornton called meeting to order at 6:46 p.m.

-Tom Thornton asked and Gary Krupp, Wrestling Director approved of moving Old Business- present non-resident proposal to end of meeting as two of the Executive Board members are coming late.

Next MYA Meeting, October 12, 2017; 7 p.m.; MYA Building

Reviewed minutes from June 8th meeting. No discussion.

 Bob Shagoury made motion to accept minutes as written.

Karen Halvatzes seconded. Unanimously approved.  Minutes of October 12th accepted.

Went over 2018-2019 Budget for Football/Cheer w/Director Dan Tevepaugh stated Fundraiser to be held at Puritan Back Room on 10/22/2017; Registration Fees to be $44,000.00; Cheer uniforms $7,000.00; no football uniforms required as they were bought last year. No more questions.

John Calabro motioned to accept Football/Cheer 2018-2019 Budget.

Karen Halvatzes seconded. Football/Cheer approved as presented.

-T. Thornton stated there are two (2) positions on the Executive Board that are still looking to be filled, Secretary and Assistant Secretary. If anyone interested please contact someone from the Executive Board if interested and the MYA website has the descriptions of these positions;

-send monthly approved Program Meeting Minutes to Senior Advisor, Karen Halvatzes;

-Executive Board will pay School District invoices and Programs will be invoiced by the Executive Board.

-T. Thornton will change the code on the front door and will notify the Directors and the E.B. when it is done and what the new code is.


Holly Golden – Treasurer.

Coming late and will give report when arrives.


Brian Harris – Vice President- late.


Rick Greenier - Member at Large and MYA Parks & Recreation Liaison.

Coming late and will give report when arrives.


Arbitrator & Officials Liaison – Bob Shagoury.

Sex offenders list update- no report this month.


Youth Basketball Director – John Calabro.

Basketball’s website is up and ready to go.

John Calabro was thanked for sending over Basketball’s updated board listing.


Soccer Director – Stephanie Ryan.

Soccer has 547 participants on Recreation side and Travel has 201 participants. The Travel Director resigned; will send updated board listing.


Football/Cheer Director – Dan Tevepaugh.

Already gave report and on item #1 will send updated board listing


Wrestling Director – Gary Krupp.

Getting ready for season start; tournament preparations going well (December 16-17, 2017); already have six of eight teams committed for dual tournament; 20ish registered for individual tournament; 20% of clinic spots sold already.


No written report or representative from Lacrosse.


Girls Softball Director – TerryAnn Bowen.

Last minute could not make it and was not able to get someone to cover but on item #1 will send over updated board listing.

Brian Harris came in at this time.


Youth Baseball Representative – Jess Griffin.

Director, Melanie Lesmerises sent in written report, on file, which T. Thornton read- Fall Baseball up and running- two babe Ruth teams, one majors team, two minors teams; approximately 70 players and highest in the last three years.

Elections will be held in October, date to be determined at meeting this coming week and will advertise properly before elections. Spots up for re-election and or open are- President, VP minors, VP majors, VP babe Ruth and Umpire coordinator; on item #1 will do updated board listing after elections. 

As soon as last babe Ruth team is done registering will provide fall rosters.

Budget and Inventory were turned in and Baseball should be up to date.

Will need to replace all bats due to bat regulation changes; working on quotes for score board and building repairs at Amtech. Raised $8,800.00 in the fundraiser this year and this is going to the cost of these things. 

Santander will be officially closed next week. Treasurer, Jess Griffin is getting all reconciliation done w/Holly Golden; have changed the direct deposit from registration fees to TD Bank.

Bob Shagoury stated that Dale H. from National Sporting Goods to donate equipment to MYB as he is retiring and will drop off at the MYA Building.



Old Business- Wrestling Director, Gary Krupp to present non-resident proposal.

Gary Krupp passed out presentation for Waiver Request for MYA Youth Wrestling dated September 2017, on file. G. Krupp read Background w/points on wrestling is for boys & girls grades K-8; sizes and abilities; weight ranges; entering 13th season and 49 participants in 2016-17 season, on file.  Went over briefly excerpts from governing documents- MYA, School District and the Town, on file.  Next G. Krupp pointed some problems for Wrestling not being able to make good weight matches on upper & lower weights; surrounding towns without youth wrestling and bottom line is Wrestling would like flexibility to help Merrimack kids have a better experience in their sport & opportunities exist w/our neighbors, on file.  Went on to speak on Proposal- some points are 2 year trial; allow non-residents to participate; limit non-residents to 20%; non-residents would pay more, etc., on file.  G. Krupp went over briefly Benefits of Proposal, Examples of Like Practices and Summary, on file.  Discussion ensued after that w/questions and points from the membership- if this passes then other MYA Programs want to bring in out of towners; MYA coaches improving these 20% out of towners who would leave when they become of age to join their school teams; gym space is often difficult to come by so where would the extra practice space be found; some thought this would be good to try for one year; others felt that the MYA is here for the youth of Merrimack and not for other towns that do not have wrestling for their youth; documents from the Merrimack School Board Partnership were discussed, on file, stating that when using its facilities w/non Merrimack youth, the MYA must pay rental.  Discussion was brought to a close and the Executive Board voted 4-0 against this proposal.


No New Business.


Karen Halvatzes motion to adjourn. John Calabro seconded.  No discussion.

Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,





Notes taken by Bob Shagoury and typed by Karen M. Halvatzes

Senior Advisor, MYA Executive Board