MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Tom Thornton

Minutes of April 13, 2017 approved without comment.

Gary Krupp requested audit copies.

Requested directors to send approved monthly meeting minutes to Senior Advisor Karen Halvatzes.

Bailey Gallagher will manage Executive Board Elections at 8:30 for the positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-large.

Town allotment update (see Treasurer).

President Thornton reminded Directors that budgets are due soon (August).

Treasurer- Holly Golden (presented by President Thornton)

Financial report reviewed

Discussion of Baseball’s Santander account regarding pending closure.

Lacrosse informed of bank account.

Update of audit discussed

Directors informed of transaction posting, specifically of April being due May 10.

Vice President- Brian Harris

Informed attendees that some of baseball’s indoor gym request unavailable.

Requested programs to provide field diagrams for lining for future town use.

Ms. Halvatzes requested MYA building lights to be replaced/repaired.

Water pup at Bise Field to be repaired by July 1. President Thornton requested E.B. front funds to facilitate repairs.

Assistant Secretary- position vacant- Roster duties and recording of meeting minutes temporarily given to Member at Large, Rick Greenier. 

Member at Large- Rick Greenier

Mr. Greenier reminded Directors of upcoming inventories and rosters (those still pending).

Informed attendees of upcoming “Field Needs Committee” meeting on May 31 @ 6 pm.

Informed those in attendance of grand opening of dog park May 11, 11 am.  

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury

No new updates

Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling:
    • No board meeting for June and July.
    • Delayed board meeting to next week- wanted details from UNH concerning costs for tourney. Board will consider tourney proposal which will affect budget.
    • 8 fraudulent charges in APR (3 on 4/20/17, 5 on 4/21/17) all for $99.99 from “Google Cheetah”- treasurer disputed with TD bank. Rarely use debit card, so unsure how number was compromised.
    • Will complete closet inventory after May meeting (next week).
  • Basketball:
    • Preparing purchases, elections upcoming in June.
  • Lacrosse:
    • Teams are doing well.
    • Sock sale turned out to be profitable. Launch fundraiser yielded $500.00. Along with apparel, totaled approximately $4300.00 (vendors still need to be paid).
  • Baseball:

1) All games in swing, wrapping up T-ball sign ups then a final roster will be sent for spring 2)Amtech is up and running looks amazing. Bathrooms are set and waiting on back flow. Water bill is good for now 3) board listing getting updated this week we had some changes 4) did not shrink this year program is the same numbers as last year 5) cancelled parade due to weather and holding end of year bash and awards celebration at Amtech this year 6) most needs are met just need them to come and cut behind home plate at Amtech as discussed and fix bleachers. Really need that down for safety

  • Softball:
    • New shed almost complete, Reeds field 5 in need of repair- looking for permission to do so.
    • Opening day was a huge success.
    • New bleachers have arrived.
  • Soccer:
    • Approximately 680 participants for spring season.
    • Field changes noted to accommodate Ribfest (Elbit fields).
    • Tryouts June 12th-15th at Bishop field, June 19th-22nd at Twardosky field.
  • Football/Cheer:
    • Cheer and football registration numbers have both increased.

Old Business- none

New Business- Mr. Calabro questions when fall gym requests due. Mr. Harris asks for requests as soon as possible.

Mr. Calabro requests that Smith gym rims not be replaced. Request noted by board though decision ultimately made by school district.

Meeting was suspended at 7:59 for Elections and reinstated at 8:13, then adjourned at 8:34 pm.


In attendance; Tom Thornton, Brian Harris,  Bob Shagoury, Rick Greenier, Karen Halvatzes, Dan Tevepaugh, Stephanie Ryan, Gary Krupp, Bailey Gallagher, Scott Ward, TerryAnn Bowen, John Calabro.

Absent – Holly Golden, Melanie Lesmerises.