MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Tom Thornton

Minutes of March 9, 2017 approved without comment.

Secretary Brian Webb has resigned.

Please use office printer sparingly.

Discussion of re-election protocols. Bailey Gallagher will manage protocols.

Discussion of town allotment.

Porta-potties are on the way.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

Waiting on audit approval.

Budgets are due in august.

Baseball’s Santander account is pending closure.

Vice President- Brian Harris

Discussion of requests including gym, fields, and lining protocols.

Amtech will be used for AAA and majors, Gibson, and vets shed.

Soccer- Elbit, MMS, Reeds 4 and 5, Twardosky, Bishop part-time.

Softball maintenance- Reeds Ferry 2 fence, shed keys needed.

Baseball- Bise doors, paint building and repair decking, Vets 1 outlet, Amtech bleacher repair.

General discussion of whether Bishop can accommodate an additional soccer field on the west side.

Assistant secretary- position vacant- Roster duties temporarily given to member at large, Rick Greenier.

Member at Large- Rick Greenier

General discussion of upcoming inventories and rosters.

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury

No new updates



Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling-- 8th Grader Aiden Hanning won a national title at nationals in Virginia Beach, VA- Articles in paper and WMUR story.- New board considering options to improve tourney for next year- may move to non-school facility.- Planning to partner with CrossFit again- no need to store mats.
  • - 2nd Kiki Walker Scholarship awarded at banquet- difficult getting an applicant to submit, so plan to better publicize next year.
  • - Board elections held April 5th- all board members back, with the exception of secretary.
  • - Season is over- good year, hung on to more kids than usual in the last month (usually start to fall off).
  • Basketball- not in attendance. Our season went well, with only a few minor hick ups. Financially, we are ok, and will come out around $2K ahead, because we had a VERY good fundraising Tourney. We are going to start earmarking this surplus to equipment improvement, most likely new score controllers/boards.
  • Lacrosse- Season begins April 15th. Budget is on target. “Launch” fundraiser coming up on April 28th. Summer skills camps are planned. Treasurer Damian Gunther reported
  • Softball- Executive board will loan allocation funds. Aluminum bleachers to be used if Reeds Ferry 1 and 2.
  • Baseball- No games held at high school complex on June 17th, due to high school graduation. The program currently has 317 members. Umpire training is complete. Parade will be held on May 5th. Festivities on opening night will include Texas Road House.
  • Soccer- Travel program begins April 15th. Ribfest will be held June 11th-24th. Recreational program will begin as soon as fields are opened.
  • Football/Cheer- Football and cheerleading numbers have both increased, possibly due to new league affiliation.


Old Business- none

New Business- none

Meeting was adjourned at 8:24 pm.


In attendance; Tom Thornton, Brian Harris, Bob Shagoury, Holly Golden, Rick Greenier, Melanie Lesmerises, Dan Tevepaugh, Stephanie Ryan, Gary Krupp, Bailey Gallagher, Scott Ward, TerryAnn Bowen.