MYA Executive Board Meeting Minutes


President- Tom Thornton

Minutes of Jan 12th approved without comment.

Town allotment update: Funds are expected in early April

The Jan 19th Safeguard Connection to Community Event went well. The town noted it was a positive experience for the town of Merrimack.

Treasurer- Holly Golden

General discussion on closure of Santander accounts. (pending action from Baseball)

All program transactions are current.

Vice President- Brian Harris

President Thornton spoke on Brian’s behalf about:

                Gym requests: All spring requests start 3/20/17 to 4/14/17

                Cheer: Smith Gym Fridays 8 pm to 9:30

                Lacrosse: MES Mon-Friday 5:30-9

                Softball: Reeds Ferry Mon-Fri 5:30-9

                Baseball: Thornton’s Mon-Fri 6:30-9


Basketball reminded no gym time as noted on 9/12/16 Speed-o-gram

School invoices distributed.

Gymnasium rules reviewed including parental supervision, smoking and pet rules.

Field walk throughs requested of: baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and softball.

Opening days and field layouts requested of baseball, softball, lacrosse and soccer.

Determined that fields 4 and 5 at Reeds will be used by both softball and lacrosse.


Assistant secretary- position vacant- Roster duties temporarily given to member at large, Rick Greenier

Discussion of meeting with town council with regard to field needs. See attached sub-committee notes

Arbitrator & Officials Liaison- Bob Shagoury

No new updates

Director’s Reports

  • Wrestling- Discussion of parent threat. MPD report filed, State tournaments completed. Total of 10 finalists, 3 of which will compete in NE championships. Vermont tournament a positive experience. 22 children attended. 3 post season tournaments pending: NE, Derry, Marshwoods. Derry site includes girl’s tournament. Banquet plans for April 5 at MHS.


  • Youth Basketball- not in attendance


  • Lacrosse- Asst. coach ____________ reported, intends to use fields 4&5 (sharing with softball), pending season on track, beginning April 15.


  • Girls Softball- President TerryAnn Bowen – general discussion of possible starting date of April 29, along with field needs/wants. Intends to use Reeds 5


  • Merrimack Youth Baseball- President Melanie Lesmerises- parade Friday, May 5, willing to use Amtech building for storage eventually, once mold/mildew removed.


  • Soccer- President Stephanie Ryan – goals still need to be moved from Budweiser. In need of a field maintenance person, spring soccer on track.


  • Football/Cheer- President Dan Tevepaugh – terminating affiliation with Pop Warner and changing to American Youth Football (AYF) off- season, therefore little activity, Wasserman shed to be reconstructed.


Old Business-

New Business-

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

In attendance; Tom Thornton, Golden, Rick Greenier, Bob Shagoury, Dan Tevepaugh, Melanie Lesmerises, TerryAnn Bowen, Gary Krupp, Stephanie Ryan