MYA Executive Board General Meeting 1/12/17


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m., Next MYA General Meeting is February 9, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Directors in attendance: TerryAnn Bowen-Softball, Gary Krupp-Wrestling, Donnie Mendell-Football/Cheer, John Calabro-Basketball, Stephanie Ryan-Soccer and Bailey Gallagher/Damian Gunther-Lacrosse

Absent Director: Melanie Lesmerises-Baseball

Executive Board Members in attendance: President, Tom Thornton, Treasurer, Holly Golden; Secretary, Brian Webb; Member at Large, Rick Greenier; Arbitrator & Official Liaison, Bob Shagoury

Absent Board Members: Vice President, Brian Harris, Assistant Secretary, Brian LeClaire and Senior Advisor, Karen Halvatzes

Motion to accept minutes from 11/12/16 Rick G. and 2nd by Bob S., All in favor


President’s Report-Tom Thornton

  • Audit not finished, but budgets will go out first
  • Safeguard event next Thursday-Tom and Brian W will attend
  • Please keep building clean, remove trash and keep downstairs clear 

Treasurer’s Report-Holly Golden

  • Financial reports/Combined for all sports
  • Need 1099s from Jan-June 2016
  • Santander account closed for Softball, Baseball still needs to be closed

Vice President’s Report-Brian Harris

  • Absent/Tom read report
  • Spring sports start dates needed for next meeting
  • Please send gym requests
  • TerryAnn requested hole in Reeds 2 needs to be fixed in the Spring

Assistant Secretary’s Report-Brian LeClaire

  • Absent

Member at Large-Rick Greenier

  • P & R Committee meeting update-Councilman Dan Dwyer recommended MYA present our field needs to Town Council in the need future if we would like their financial support
  • Certificates of Insurance due for Baseball and Softball for each field site by 2/1/17

Arbitrator and Official Liaison-Bob Shagoury

  • No new sex offenders added


Director’s Reports:

Baseball-Melanie Lesmerises: Absent  

Softball-TerryAnn Bowen: Santander account closed.  Boy Scouts building shed for Reeds 2.  Softball looking to improve fields or add bleachers and asked what fields MYA Softball should focus fundraising and volunteer efforts to maintenance in hopes to grow the program and host tournaments in the future.  The Executive Board suggested their efforts be spent at Elbit due to limited field space for Soccer and the need to use Reeds for Soccer in the Fall.

Lacrosse-Bailey Gallagher/Damian Gunther: Lacrosse has 71 girls and 54 boys signed up and registration closes 1/31/17.  Practices start 2/26/17 and games start 4/9/17.  Coaches have been secured for all teams.

Basketball-John Calabro: 50 teams coming to tournament January 25th-29th.  Smith gym lights need to be replaced.

Wrestling-Gary Krupp: Tournament has 380 kids K-8th this year vs. 175 kids K-4 last year.  48% Skill level 1 wrestlers/Beginner level.

Football/Cheer-Donnie Mendell:  Elections this Sunday.  Dan Tevepaugh new director for Football/Cheer

Soccer-Stephanie Ryan: Short one field for 11v11 travel.  February 12th schedule needs to go to NH


New Business: None

Old Business: None

Bob S. motioned to adjourn and Donnie M. 2nd 8:30 p.m.