MYA Executive Board General Meeting 11/10/16


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m., Next MYA General Meeting is January 12, 2017.

Directors in attendance: TerryAnn Bowen-Softball, Melanie Lesmerises-Baseball, Gary Krupp-Wrestling, Donnie Mendell-Football/Cheer, John Calabro-Basketball, Stephanie Ryan-Soccer and Damian Gunther-Lacrosse

Absent Director: Bailey Gallagher-Lacrosse

Executive Board Members in attendance: President, Tom Thornton; Vice President, Brian Harris; Treasurer, Holly Golden; Secretary, Brian Webb; Assistant Secretary, Brian LeClaire; Member at Large, Rick Greenier; Arbitrator & Official Liaison, Bob Shagoury and Senior Advisor, Karen Halvatzes, 

Motion to accept minutes from 10/13/16 Bob S. and 2nd by Melanie L., All in favor


President’s Report-Tom Thornton

  • December 8th Christmas Gathering at 7 p.m.
  • Gary asked about executive minutes being published/by laws

Treasurer’s Report-Holly Golden

  • Budgets-Backups needed from Lacrosse and Softball
  • Program treasurer’s reports missing Basketball and Lacrosse for July
  • No new activity in Santander accounts

Vice President’s Report-Brian Harris

  • Maintenance requests
  • Gym requests
  • Town minutes-No Lori Barrett.
  • School rules-No running in hallways, no school no practice no games, no dogs in gym, no smoking and if practice is cancel please notify us/Janitor

Assistant Secretary’s Report-Brian LeClaire

  • Requested Spring and Fall rosters for Softball, Lacrosse and Football/Cheer
  • Room request need to go through Brian and cc Tom 

Member at Large-Rick Greenier

  • Solar lights installed at Wasserman Park
  • December 4, 2016 holiday tree lighting
  • Specific field needs/rectangular for soccer
  • Certificate of Insurance missing for Football



Arbitrator and Official Liaison-Bob Shagoury

  • No new sex offenders added

Director’s Reports:

Baseball-Melanie Lesmerises: New elections and every position filled except Senior Advisor.  Point of sale system for concession in process.  Concession cleaned up after season.  

Softball-TerryAnn Bowen: Board not having November meeting.  Website has been in process of change.  Elections done and every position filed except Equipment Manager.  Considering moving out to Souhegan Fall league.  December 3, 2016 fundraiser with Monarchs is Star Wars night in Manchester.

Lacrosse-Damian Gunther: New elections held and still 5 openings.  Semi Pro teams being brought in for clinics.  Looking for indoor time outside of Sportsplex.

Basketball-John Calabro: Practices have started and games start in December.  Number of players has dropped from 575 to 537 this year.  Gym time is working out and only request is scoreboard is broken in Middle School.

Wrestling-Gary Krupp: Reached Go Fund Me goal for warm-ups.  Registration almost done and will have roster for MYA Executive Board by Thanksgiving.  40 kids registered and 35 under grade 3 and 25 first year wrestlers.  Moving website from to  State Middle School Coaches Association Annual meeting added $100 fee.  Affects Merrimack because we compete in end of year tournament.  

Football/Cheer-Donnie Mendell:  2 teams competing this Sunday in regional semifinals.  Year-end banquet soon and new elections in January.  December 19, 2016 at Vets Field if they win.

Soccer-Stephanie Ryan: Season over and fields closed.  Need additional field for spring season.  Looking to retrieve goals from Budweiser.  Door at Kollsman needs repair and lock box at Bishop broken.  Elections being held next week.


New Business: None

Old Business: None

Bob Shagoury motioned to adjourn and Brian LeClaire 2nd 8:45 p.m.