General Meeting 10/13/2016


Meeting called to order at 7:36, Next meeting is November 10, 2016.


Directors in attendance: Mike Howe – Lacrosse, Melanie Lesmerises – Baseball, Gary Krupp – Wrestling, Donnie Mendell – Football/Cheer, John Calabro – Basketball, Stephanie Ryan – Soccer


Absent Director: TerryAnn Bowen – Softball


Executive Board Members in attendance: Tom Thornton, Bob Shagoury, Brian LeClaire, Brian Harris, Rick Greenier, and Karen Halvatzes


Motion to accept minutes from 9/8/16 Melanie L. and 2nd by Donnie M.  12 in favor


President’s Report – Tom Thornton:


  • Asked last date football uses Vet’s Park to pick up dumpster – October 28
  • Made a decision of clay for field at Amtech
  • Met with town, need a sign to advise people of camera in front door entranceway
  • Bise being cleaned end of October, water can be shut off by first week of November
  • Soccer circled holes at Twardosky fields
  • Starting to blow out irrigation lines at fields
  • New secretary, Brian Webb


VP Reports – Brian Harris:


  • Waiting for all maintenance requests
  • Amtech looks much better, discussed building condition, fence needs repair and needs bleachers
  • Gym requests are good, need approval for wrestling
  • Soccer done 11/5, Football done 10/15, Baseball done 10/30
  • Discussed condition of football field at Vet’s Park




Assistant Secretary – Brian LeClaire:


  • Fall and Spring rosters needed for Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Softball


Member at Large – Rick Greenier:


  • Parks and Rec. update: Dog park construction started Monday
  • Extra activities online
  • Soccer and football insurance cert. due


Arbitrator and Officials Liaison – Bob Shagoury:


  • No new sex offenders added


Director’s Reports:


Soccer – Stephanie Ryan: There are some field issues, but other then that the season is going well.  Two teams won their respective travel team divisions: U12 Girls and U14 Boys


Football – Donnie Mendell: Last games are this weekend and moved their elections to January


Wrestling – Gary Krupp: They will be having parent night soon.  Developed new logo and new apparel coming out. Looking for a big sponsor, started GoFundMe page, asking for $10 and have received about $600 so far.


Basketball – John Calabro:   There are 450 registered players.  Tryouts held this week and forming teams next couple weeks and start in November.


Lacrosse – Mike Howe: Moving meeting from Thursdays to Tuesdays, last Tuesday of each month.  Indoor league starting, would like use of Elbit fields in mid to late November.


Softball – TerryAnn Bowen: Fall ball finished up, had family night at a monarchs game.  Silver Knights thanked them, have two open positions on board—Equipment manager and major league director.


Baseball – Melanie Lesmerises: Wrapping up fall ball league and the league has doubled in size from last year.  They went from three teams to 6 teams.  38 players to 72 players.  May have an opportunity for use of a field at the YMCA.











  • Registrations are up due to spring and fall registrants
  • Withdrawal for Amtech up keep and reconstruction
  • Discussed Skeffington Tournament
  • Motion to approve with the following changes: Make Concessions $2200, move Skeffington to line 2 from line 5 in expenditure section.
  • Gary K. motioned to approve and Brian H. 2nd
  • 11 in favor and 2 abstention




  • Drastically Different from last year
  • Need to move J. in Revenue to C. in Revenue
  • Referee fees went up due to competing rates
  • Trying to start a sponsor program
  • Field and facilities went up due to needing to fix fields
  • Bob S. motions to approve and Melanie L. 2nd upon changes
  • Unanimously passed




  • Fundraising hasn’t been great
  • Rebate on each sale of apparel and the photos that are sold
  • Remove professional fees and add the fees to Training and remove fundraising costs and move to equipment.
  • Gary K. motioned to approve with changes and Bob S. 2nd
  • 9 approval and 2 Abstentions




  • Melanie L. motion to approve and 2nd by Donnie M. upon change of Fundraising to $2,830 and Town Grant to $3,850.
  • Approved by 12 and 1 Abstain


Executive Board:


  • Jon C. motioned to approve and Gary K. 2nd
  • Unanimous approval, with Melanie L. missing









  • Move 300 from Association and Tournament Fees to Equipment and remove Insurance JH line and move to equipment also. Also fix cover page for new totals
  • New equipment total: $54,171
  • Gary K. motioned for approval with changes Rick G. 2nd
  • Approved by unanimous vote


Allocations given out this weekend to Football, Soccer, Basketball and Wrestling


New Business:  None


Old Business:  None


Brian H motioned to adjourn and John C. 2nd….10:30