MYA Executive Board Meeting minutes

Thursday 9/8/2016


Call to order at 7:35pm

  1. President Tom Thornton: Tom reported on all agenda items. In addition:
  • John Calabro commented on getting additional punctuation for MYA exterior signage.
  • General discussion of budget, specifically allocations.
  1. Treasurers Report Holly Golden: Holly reported on all agenda items, specifically:
  • There will be a treasurers meeting for all programs in the near future.
  • Gary Krupp, Holly and John discussed financial reporting including details of Quickbook/TD North sharing of data.

Programs budgets were discussed regarding the approval process. The process will work as follows:

Each board approves a budget every year for the next year and present it to the executive board by the end of August so it can be approved and submitted to the town by the end of October.


Wrestling: General discussion of dollar amounts. Karen Halvatzes made a motion to approve the wrestling budget. Seconded by Brian Harris. Voting was unanimous.

Basketball: General discussion of dollar amounts. Bob Shagoury motioned to accept the budget. Seconded by Karen. Unanimously approved with contingency to zero out balance.


  1. Vice President Brian Harris: Brian reported on agenda items. In addition:
  • Brian informed attendees that he and Tom Thornton will be meeting with town maintenance on Sept 12 about outstanding maintenance issues.
  • Discussion of Football/Babe Ruth Veteran's Field conflict. (Football has first priority due to in season status.)
  • Football director Donnie Mendell noted poor condition of Wasserman practice field and his need for cheerleading gym time.
  • Soccer director Stephanie Ryan noted that Reed’s 3 lighting needs adjustment, fields need more line pant, and Twardosky field has holes that need to be filled.
  • Basketball director John Calabro inquired about approval of gym time.
  1. Secretary Brian LeClaire: Not in attendance. Remainder of the board discussed agenda items including roster submittal.
  2. Member at Large and Parks and Rec Liaison Rick Greenier: Nothing to report regarding Parks and Recreation committee.
  • Football and soccer insurance certificates still pending.
  1. Arbitrator and Officials Liaison Bob Shagoury: Nothing new to report.
  2. Directors report:
  • Soccer: Season begins Sat Sept 10.
  • Football: Season begins Sunday Sept 11.
  • Wrestling: Parent night, flyer, and tourney change approved.
  • Basketball: Registration now open.

No old business.

No new business.

In attendance: Tom Thornton, Karen Halvatzes, Brian Harris, Holly Golden, Bob Shagoury, Donny Mendell, Gary Krupp, John Calabro, Stephanie Ryan, Rick Greenier.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.