General Meeting June 9, 2016


Meeting called to order at 7:36, next meeting September 8, 2016 at 7:30


Motion to accept May minutes by Bob S. , Rick G 2nd - Passed


Directors in attendance: Melanie Lesmerises – Baseball, John Calabro -  Basketball, Gary Krupp – Wrestling, Mike Howe – Lacrosse, Stephanie Ryan – Soccer, TerryAnn Bowen - Softball


Absent Directors: Donnie Mendell – Football/cheer


President’s Reports – Tom:


  • Tom mentioned that the Executive Board needs a Secretary
  • Tom appointed Brian L. as new Assistant Secretary
  • Karen H. accepted renewal of Senior Advisor position
  • Bob S. accepted renewal of liaison to the town position


Treasurer’s Report – Holly:


  • Budgets need to be in by August 1st and need to be sent to Rick or Holly
  • Can send the report template to complete the budget
  • Late with bank statements and received treasurer reports from all but basketball
  • Bank was switched- Basketball and soccer switched, rest need to switch
  • Discussed the Quick books program and hoping to have all programs in QuickBooks by July 1st


VP Report – Brian H.


  • Amtech field has irrigation up and running
  • Brian fertilized Amtech field
  • Discussed infield maintenance at Amtech field
  • Mel asked about cleaning Bise bathrooms
  • Holly needs tax ID
  • Mel discussed new pump and backflow for irrigation at Amtech field
  • Mel needs chalk and spray paint at Bise
  • John had no maintenance requests- discussed scheduling gym time- further discussed by Tom to talk about meeting with Tom Tousseau
  • Mike Howe had no requests for maintenance
  • Stephanie inquired about holes at Twardosky field and Bishop field needs to be prepared for fall season and needs a field next week for practicing
  • TerryAnn needs Reeds Ferry 2 fence at backstop to be filled in and lime at Reeds Ferry 2


Directors Reports:


Lacrosse – Mike:  The season went well and have a big lacrosse tournament in Londonderry with about 400 teams.  There was a year end party.   


Softball – TerryAnn: Softball is all set with insurance.  The season is wrapping up soon and there is an all-star game happening for the first time in years. Co-ed game with softball and baseball happening at 4:00 on Sunday at Reeds Ferry.  Also playoffs start next week.


Baseball – Melanie: Baseball sent their inventory and is all set.  The tournament started and they are working on the books, playoffs for regular season starting soon.  Had a great season and had a great turn out for the opening day parade and game.  Baseball requested three signers instead of two.


Soccer – Stephanie:  Soccer was concerned about dogs on the field for games, there are signs saying “no dogs”.  Call police if any altercations involving dogs.  Soccer has five teams in the playoffs for travel teams of all ages.  Lastly, discussed the used of Bud field and the lack of maintenance.


Football – Donnie:   Absent


Wrestling – Gary:  Wrestling is moving banks and working with the treasurer to do so, insurance was renewed and donated left over t-shirts to Reeds Ferry School.


Basketball – John:  Basketball still has no treasurer but have elections this month.  Has treasurer reports up to December and also switched banks today.


Assistant Secretary – Brian L:


  • Booklet is being worked on
  • Rosters needed from Soccer, Football, Lacrosse and cheer


Member at large and P&R liaison – Rick:


  • Dog park going out to bid again because all the first bids were too high
  • Inventory still needed for football, soccer and lacrosse
  • Covered all insurance due dates


Arbitrator & Officials Liaison – Bob: No new sex offenders


Old Business:  None


New Business:  None


Motion to adjourn made by Bob S. and 2nd by Karen H…..8:52