Executive Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2016 @7:42


EB present – Tom Thornton, Bob Shagoury, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, Brian LeClaire, Brian Harris Karen Halvatzes and Kitti Rondeau


Program Directors: Donnie Mendell– Football, Gary Krupp – Wrestling, Stephanie Ryan– Soccer, TerryAnn Bowen – Softball, John Calabro – Basketball


Directors absent: Mike Howe - Lacrosse, Melanie – Baseball


Meeting called to order 7:42, next meeting 6/9/16@7:30pm


Motion to accept April minutes by Bob S, 2nd Gary Krupp – passed


President’s Report – Tom:

  • Asked that all programs send monthly approved meeting minutes to Secretary
  • MYA calendar requests go through Tom – Calendar is up to date, reminder upstairs and downstairs can be used
  • Looking into getting a digital road sign
  • EB Board minutes will go out earlier than day of meeting for time of review
  • Town has been noticing that there are needles being found in dugout’s – if you come across please notify police
  • If Directors can’t attend monthly meeting it is required that they send a representative from their board


Treasurer’s Report – Holly:

  • Treasures reports are behind: Basketball will be in by the end of May – per John
  • Treasures meeting 24th @ 7pm


VP Report – Brian H:

  • Will take maintenance requests when it is your turn as director to speak
  • Elbit field - softball fields need to be done.
  • Bise field will be closed for fall use, use Amtech – to give field time to replenish – would like to start doing this on other fields as well


Directors Reports:


Baseball - Melanie:  Absent


Softball – TerryAnn:  Had opening day in the rain with over 200 people , moving Srs. to JMUES – looking for after 5pm on Saturday and asked for Sunday times if possible, Maintenance request: Elbit field issues divots and uneven.


Lacrosse - Mike: Absent


Soccer - Stephanie:  Maintenance request:  Flatbed to move goal post to get fixed….Did make police report for the damaged posts, Tom requested that the goal post at Vets field be moved, goals at Gibson need to be moved to side.


Football - Donnie:  In middle of registrations, Parent info night not a big success due to flyer issue.


Wrestling – Gary :  In off season, changed their email, finalizing books and getting budget ready, asking for $2200 in allocation if possible, Cross-fit is borrowing their mats, inventory almost done waiting on a couple items, their next monthly meeting is August.


Basketball – John:  575 in participants, would like to transfer banks in July, Elections will done at June meeting, donating 4 cases of left over drinks to baseball.


Asst. Secretary:


Member at Large - Brian L:  Booklet not done; will need rosters from all programs


Member at Large and P&R Liaison - Rick:

  • Nothing new on Parks and Rec.
  • Inventories are due July
  • Football and Basketball insurance will be due August 1


Arbitrator & Officials Liaison – Bob:  sent out list of offenders.


Old Business:  none


New Business:  none


Motion to adjourn made by Bob and 2nd by Brian….8:25