Executive Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2016 @ 7:35


EB present – Tom Thornton, Bob Shagoury, Rick Greenier, Holly Golden, Karen Halvatzes and Kitti Rondeau


EB absent – Brian LeClaire, Brian Harris


Program Directors: Donnie Mendell– Football, Gary Krupp – Wrestling, Stephanie Ryan– Soccer, TerryAnn Bowen – Softball, Melanie – Baseball


Directors absent: Mike Howe - Lacrosse, John Calabro – Basketball


Meeting called to order 7:35, next meeting 5/12/16 @ 7:30pm


Motion to accept February minutes by Bob S, 2nd Gary Krupp – passed

Motion to accept March minutes by Bob S, 2nd by Gary Krupp - passed


Presidents Report – Tom:

  • MYA adopted a road – Joppa Road; opportunities for community service – contact Tom
  • MAY calendar request go through Tom – Calendar is up to date
  • Elections coming May 12th @ 8:30 so far one has step forth for Member at Large


Treasures Report – Holly:

  • Budgets to be discussed soon
  • No program should have a money market account – we are non-profit no surplus at end of year; Gary brought concern on how a program is to plan for large expense – Holly gave explanation and offered to show him how to account for it in budget.
  • Not all programs have switched to TD they need to.
  • All programs hard copies are to be stored at MYA
  • Melanie brought up treasurers concern on things being taken away that they are suppose to do – discussion on that, to be discussed further.
  • Another meeting is to held with treasurers Holly to set up and send out to programs


VP Report – Brian H:

  • Absent - Tom read some info on his behalf
  • Reeds #3 closed all others open Sat.16th
  • Field reminder stay off fields if standing water
  • Gym time done till fall
  • Working on fence tops at Elbit
  • Reeds field services cost to be split between Lacrosse and Soccer
  • Softball purchased nets and town installed
  • Request to move dumpster to Bise and water on


Directors Reports:


Wrestling – Gary:  season finished; Scholarship went to Connor Vance $500, finalizing payments, will get Feb and March minutes, board elections this week – Tom requested new board list


Baseball - Melanie:  ended up with 395 participants, uniforms have been ordered, organizing Skeffington Tournament, Fundraiser with Texas Road House.


Softball – TerryAnn:  Elbit is extended 3 years, have 152 participants, season wide pitch/catch clinics, May 1st is opening day, looking for volunteers to put up net, Karen mentioned that Santander complimented them on how well they ran their table at their branch.



Basketball – John:  Absent.


Lacrosse - Mike:  Absent



Football - Donnie:  First sign up is Sunday; helmets are being bagged and shipped.


Soccer - Stephanie:  Has 511 rec participants and 211 travel participants, pushing back a week for Bud field to open up, goal at Kollsman got stolen, needs goals.


Asst. Secretary:


Member at Large - Brian L:  Absent  


Member at Large and P&R Liaison - Rick:

  • Insurances up to date
  • June inventory is due
  • Replacing panels @ skate park
  • Disk golf fundraiser
  • Summer camp is ahead of schedule


Arbitrator & Officials Liaison – Bob:  sent out list of offenders. Told programs to send new members to him to run check on


New Business:  none


Motion to adjourn made by Bob and 2nd by Melanie ….8:40