The Merrimack Youth Association was created for the recreational benefit of the youth of the community.  It was founded in 1968 and incorporated as a non profit corporation the Federal Government in 1971. The reaches of the Association cover from Kindergarten through senior year of High School.

This all volunteer organization devotes over 125,000 hours of service to the Community annually. It actually contracts with the Town each year to provide organized recreational sports for the youth of the Town. The MYA currently provides 8 different sporting activates for the community: baseball, softball, basketball, football, spirit club, soccer, lacrosse and wrestling. Each program has its own Board of Directors and is responsible for its own budget. All Programs report monthly to the Executive Board who oversees all the MYA Programming, and corresponds with the Town accordingly. The financial support of the entire organization is based on 15% funding from the Town and the Programs themselves raise the remaining 85%.

The MYA provides an opportunity for all children to participate in sports based on their desire and not their ability. This enables the children the chance to meet and socialize with their peers throughout the Town as well as provides a social network for the parents. Over the years the MYA has served more than 30,000 youths and during this time the Association has received praise from a variety of Communities throughout New England and beyond for its strong administrative ties and positive influence throughout the community.

The MYA demonstrates that the best interest of the Town can be served along with the best interest of all it's citizens. With continued support from the Town, the School District, as well as, its Corporate Neighbors and the MYA volunteer base, the continued good work of the organization will prevail long into the 21st century.